Givit is changing the paradigm of charitable giving.

We all love to create content, and Givit gives everyone the opportunity to make a difference with that content, by using it to benefit charity. That’s Givit!

Share your best experience

Whether your content is entertaining, provocative, outrageous, disruptive,
or inspiring – it can help raise money for charity though the use of our innovative model.

Charities have long struggled with the
challenge of how to move their audience to GIVE.

Entertaining content moves audiences in spades, yet charities are not in
the business of entertainment. Givit fuses those two concepts together to deliver
engaging content to the masses, while helping to raise money for a worthy cause.

GIVIT is a platform that rewards people for creating video content to raise money for charity.
GIVIT turns giving into a fun and easy experience.
That's GIVIT!